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Using John Malm & Associates was the best decision we could have made. The case was difficult on many levels, and John & Jason met every challenge with a level of professionalism and class that made us feel we would prevail. My family and I are still complimenting the negotiating skills of John & Jason. It was truly an honor to witness them arguing on behalf of our mother. We will always be grateful to John J. Malm & Associates.”

– G.V., Joliet, Illinois

I had a great experience with John Malm & Associates. Exceeded my expectations. I would choose their firm in the future, and I recommend them to others.”

– M.M., West Chicago, Illinois

Excellent work. They listened and fought for me. John has become a friend and sounding board. He made me laugh when I was crying. He was always one step ahead and protected me. Thank you, John.”

– J.S., Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Knew how to settle my case. Very happy.”

– M.S., Elk Grove, Illinois

I liked working with Rachel, she was kind and was professional. I respected her kindness and doing the best for me. Thank you.”

– R.B., Downers Grove, Illinois

We have worked with Jason in the past. He is always very knowledgeable and kept me up to date on my case. He explained details and asked for my feedback. Jason is always professional and has my best interest in any case.”

– S.C., Plainfield, Illinois

Made me feel that my injury case was important. Thank you, John, for the great work!”

– N.R., Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Rachel was very skilled in litigating and supporting our case. I liked how she was able continue negotiating with [the insurance company]. I also appreciated that she negotiated with the union on my medical bills. Rachel is an outstanding lawyer, and we are very grateful for her expertise. Thanks again!”

– M.P., Naperville, Illinois

I was referred to John by a family friend. Great firm with nice people. They listened to me and settled my case. John fought for me and cared about seeking justice for me. Made me feel my case was important.”

– A.D., Darien, Illinois

Thanks for the hard work done in negotiating my case. I will be referring anyone I know who can use help in your field of expertise.”

– F.G., Aurora, Illinois

Outstanding lawyers. Rachel was great and always there to answer any questions I had. John was easy to talk to, and he understood my needs. It’s hard to improve on that when you exceeded my expectations. Great experience.”

– R.K., Oxford, Mississippi

I know it was a rough case, but I always saw your determination to fight until the end. You showed knowledge and skill in dealing with all the issues that arose along the way. Above all, your communication with me with me showed that you truly cared. Thank you for everything.”

– A.G., Tempe, Arizona

I really liked how you guys kept us informed about everything. You were very on top of keeping me and my parents updated. However, my favorite thing about you guys is that you gave 110% to fight for my case and cared for me and my family.”

– S.S., Plano, Illinois

My research paid off! Finding and hiring John Malm was a great decision. John & Jason were able to substantially reduce al liens associated with my case which resulted in a just and fair settlement for my claim. Looking for someone to represent you? John Malm & Associates is the team you need!”

– V.B., Huntley, Illinois

When our mom got hurt in a fall we really didn’t know where to turn for help. We feel very lucky to have contacted Malm Associates. John and Sara were very caring and helpful I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.”

– N. Hauser, Saint Charles, Illinois

John and Jason and his legal team are the best to help for the injury/other cases. Their dedications, customer focus, and very skillful to help clients for a successful completion. Thanks very much and highly recommend their superb work!”

– Susan, Naperville, Illinois

The Malm law firm is extremely professional and friendly. I would definitely refer others to this law firm.”

– D.K., Naperville, Illinois

Your firm returned calls and emails and communicated with me in a timely manner.”

– R.D., Plainfield, Illinois

Outstanding lawyers. You knew how to settle my case and made me feel my case was important. I would recommend this firm to others.”

– W.J., Wilmington, Illinois

Great firm with nice people. I highly recommend this firm.”

– P.M., Lisle, Illinois

Excellent work. Your firm cared and listened to my concerns throughout. You helped me even thought it was a challenging case.”

– J.D., Montgomery, Illinois

I am so glad I reached out to this law firm. I was so impressed with both Mr. Malm and Mr. Schneider. I really liked how they kept me in the loop. I am very grateful. If I need a lawyer in the future, I will be contracting this firm.”

– H.Y., Cumberland, Tennessee.

Fought for me and settled my case. Everything was awesome. “

– J.C., Aurora, Illinois.

Sara L. Bendoff is an outstanding attorney! On a scale of 1-10, she did everything 10+ and beyond. I highly recommend her and this firm.”

– M.P., Lisle, Illinois.

You aced it. Thank you for representing me and for your honesty, integrity and commitment.”

– J.W., Naperville, Illinois.

They fought for me. Now, I consider John and Jason good friends.”

– B.D., Naperville, Illinois.

John, I appreciate all your diligence, hard work, and perseverance in handling the case. It is always a challenge pressing through something not knowing what the outcome may be. But I believe that defines ones character. We thank you for never giving up even in the darkest moments. Your perseverance has paid off for all of us. I personally thank you!”

– T.J., California.

Listened to me, fought for me and knew how to settle my case. Exceeded my expectations.”

– J.C., Naperville, Illinois.

Went above and beyond. Thank you for everything! It was so nice knowing that everything would be taken care of.”

– J.O., Naperville, Illinois.

Settled my case. I would choose John Malm and his law firm in the future. Great firm, nice people.”

– S.C., Aurora, Illinois.

They fought for me and exceeded my expectations. I will always come back to this firm.”

– M.T., Elgin, Illinois.

Skilled negotiators. Exceeded my expectations. I really liked the detailed paperwork I received throughout the process. I really appreciated that.”

– M.N., Lombard, Illinois.

Outstanding lawyer”

– R.J., Naperville, Illinois.

Very happy with the outcome. I explained at my first meeting that I wasn’t sure if this was worth pursuing. John advised that it was definitely worth pursuing. I was extremely happy with the entire process and outcome. Thanks!”

– C.E., Oswego, Illinois.

Everything was great! I felt very comfortable and appreciate the work John has done for me. Thank you.”

– L.B., Naperville, Illinois.

John, thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to my case. I really appreciated knowing I did not need to worry about anything and that my case was in good hands. It was so nice to have a peace of mind the entire time.”

– J.O., Naperville, Illinois.

John Malm & Associates did a great job. Exceeded my expectations. Thanks for your professionalism and recommendations.”

– J.D., Naperville, Illinois.

I selected John and his firm upon a referral from a family member. Great firm. They went above and beyond, settled my case.”

– T.M., Bolingbrook, Illinois

You are amazing. Exceeded my expectations. Made me feel that my case was a priority.”

K.M., Plano, Illinois

Your firm cared about seeking justice for me and exceeded my expectations. Very happy with Sara, and I would have her on a case if I ever needed. Excellent work.”

– S.V., Warrenville, Illinois.

Excellent communication throughout the entire process. Friendly demeanor. Jason was phenomenal to work with. I would recommend your firm to others based on my experience.”

– J.M., Naperville, Illinois.

Excellent work. I appreciated the level of service you provided. I never felt outside of the loop, and I was always provided with options. I would choose John J. Malm & Associates in the future and would recommend the firm to others.”

– C.O., Plainfield, Illinois.

The confidence, knowledge and character won me over….but the experience and hard work settled the case. I honestly believe the care and service is amazing. Great job, Good people. Wonderful, warm personalities. That was most important to me.”

– E.A., Warrenville, Illinois.

Great firm with nice people. Knew how to settle my case. Everything was very positive.”

– B.W., Aurora, Illinois.

Excellent work. Your firm went above and beyond and settled my case. I especially liked Jason’s hard work.”

– M.E., Naperville, Illinois.

Your firm listened and cared about seeking justice for me.”

– T.S., Chicago, Illinois,

God really worked through you to give us a miracle! Even before you did this for us we were recommending you and your law firm to several people over the months. We have heard horror stories from some people about their past lawyers. God will continue to bless you and your law firm because you hold high standards and live up to them. You and your firm are diligent, hardworking, genuine, honest, loyal, and faithful to your client. You also have the skills that build a great rapport, and demonstrate empathy to your client as well. Thank you so much and God Bless you!”

– G.B., Montgomery, Illinois.

Everything was perfect. Exceeded my expectations.”

– S.W., Woodridge, Illinois.

Excellent work. Went above and beyond.”

– S.N., Oswego, Illinois.

Your firm was very friendly and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. Outstanding attorneys. My experience was very positive.”

– R.P., Montgomery, Illinois.

This law firm is great. The attorneys stayed on top of things, and I am very pleased. I will continue to use this firm and recommend them to others.”

– L.O., Naperville, Illinois.

The best. Your firm was very kind and professional with a positive attitude. Very on point in giving me the right direction in my case.”

– R.R., St. Charles, Illinois.

They did the very best, and helped me during a difficult time. I appreciate everything they did for me.”

– D.M., Evanston, Illinois.

The service we received was outstanding. You made a difficult matter very easy to handle, and the outcome was very satisfactory.”

– A.S., Naperville, Illinois.

My experience with John Malm & Jason Schneider could not be better. Best attorneys ever. I will continue recommending them. They went above and beyond with my case. Thank you so much.”

– G.M., Yorkville, Illinois.

So glad it went smoothly. Your firm was very informative. I would choose John and his firm in the future, and I recommend him to others.”

– F.K., Joliet, Illinois.

Always friendly and professional. Really helped with negotiating.”

– E.W., Naperville, Illinois.

Professional. Outstanding. I especially liked the friendliness and compassion from the entire firm.”

– H.L., Lisle, Illinois.

I interviewed many firms before choosing John J. Malm & Associates. They made me feel that my case was important. I especially liked the honesty and integrity displayed while handling my case.”

– M.C., Downers Grove, Illinois.

Your firm was very diligent and followed up, keeping me informed every step of the way. My experience was excellent & I would recommend the firm to others.”

– L.B., Naperville, Illinois.

Made me feel that my case was important. I located and chose your firm after an internet search. Your firm understood my status as a busy student and what was important to me. You were very kind and helpful, providing everything in writing so I could review it at a convenient time. I would choose John Malm and his firm in the future.”

– P.J., Chicago, Illinois.

Excellent work. I would choose John Malm and his law firm in the future, and I would recommend his firm to others. Jason was extremely kind, supportive and professional. Many thanks again.”

– S.C. and A.C., Naperville, Illinois.

Everything was great. I especially liked the timely manner in which emails or calls were returned. Everything was explained to us step by step. I would highly recommend this law firm to family and friends. Thank you!”

– M.O., Plainfield, Illinois.

Thank you very much for taking the client under your wing and more importantly for obtaining such a great result. The client said that he was very impressed with your handling of his case.”

– Referring counsel in a product liability case, Naperville, Illinois.

Your firm always kept contact with me whether by email, phone or mail – I always received updates. Excellent work.”

– C.H., Aurora, Illinois.

Great communication. Mr. Malm demonstrated professionalism in every aspect! I would recommend his firm to others.”

– J.M., Montgomery, Illinois.

Excellent work. John helped me pay my bills and take care of my family during a difficult time. I would choose John J. Malm & Associates in the future.”

– I.S., Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

Best professional team and friendly staff. Outstanding attorney.”

– A.K., Aurora, Illinois.

John, I would like to thank you, Jason & Rene’ for all of your hard work. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

– M.B., Crest Hill, Illinois.

The settlement was much more than I ever expected. I was amazed at how much Jason was able to reduce from my liens. I am extremely pleased with how swiftly things were resolved. I especially like that your firm was understanding of my emotional upheaval upon the prospect of switching attorneys, and explained every procedure clearly and thoroughly.”

– V.L., Batavia, Illinois.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my extreme gratitude and appreciation for all of your hard work and relentless effort in pursuing a positive outcome in my legal battle. When I met with you, you told me not to worry and that you will win this case. Your confidence and assurance helped me tremendously in coping with the process, yet you were always truthful and forthright. Throughout the process, you went beyond the call of duty to resolve the matter as quickly and fairly as possible. I was always kept in the loop and informed. Your patience and professionalism were impressive. Mr. Schneider and Mr. Malm, you are truly professional, and I will be forever grateful to you.”

– O.F.K., Big Rapids, Michigan.

Excellent work. Very professional. Thank you!”

– L.O., West Chicago, Illinois.

I really appreciate how fast the case was settled.”

– F.C., Elburn, Illinois.

Great job. Outstanding attorney.”

– L.S., Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Thank you to John, Jason, Gloria, and Rene’ for all your hard work. I always felt we were in good hands and at a time like this I can’t begin to explain how important that was to us.”

– B.V., Naperville, Illinois.

Did a wonderful job, went above and beyond. Thank you so much.”

– R.B., Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Outstanding skills demonstrated in negotiating my settlement after the insurance company’s initial low ball offer. You were always there when I needed my questions answered, and you helped me during a difficult time. I would choose John in the future and would recommend his firm to others.”

– R.M., Naperville, Illinois.

Great job. Thank you.”

– R.P., Naperville, Illinois.

I just want to say thank you to the whole staff. Excellent work. You helped me during a difficult time. I would recommend your firm to others.”

– M.A., Los Angeles, CA

Excellent work, outstanding. Your firm was kind, empathetic and helpful.”

– L.C., Naperville, Illinois.

Went above and beyond. They made sure I could pay my bills and care for my family, and helped me during in a difficult time. I recommend John J. Malm & Associates to others.”

– A.D., Aurora, Illinois.

Excellent work, went above and beyond. I especially liked that your firm was very professional, and good at negotiations.”

– T.M., Aurora, Illinois.

Everything was great. A family member helped me locate and choose John and his firm, and I would recommend them to others. They were professional and knowledgeable.”

– T.B., Villa Park, Illinois.

Expert Service, great outcome. John and Jason are possibly the best lawyers I have had the chance to deal with. They went above and beyond. My friends and family will only use John J. Malm & Associates in the future.”

– Paul N., Downers Grove, Illinois.

Caring and compassionate. Made me feel my case was important. Jason and John were always available to answer questions.”

– Nick T., Westmont, Illinois.

John Malm went above and beyond as a litigator, advocate and in his helpfulness in resolving my case. He is an outstanding attorney who helped me during a difficult time.”

– G.L.G., Naperville, Illinois.

Professional. I would choose John and his firm in the future.”

Jill M., Plainfield, Illinois.

I am overwhelmed with the settlement, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You read the cards right with an amazing outcome. I have been blessed by your service and knowing you. I am so very grateful.”

Gail G., Naperville, Illinois.

Outstanding attorney. Professional and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions and made me feel that my case was important. Thank you for all you do, and have done, for me and my daughter.”

Ashley B., Bartlett, Illinois.

Good people. I would recommend John Malm and his firm to others.”

James D., Plainfield, Illinois.

We really appreciate all the excellent work you have done for us.”

R.G., Naperville, Illinois.

I would choose John J. Malm & Associates again in the future. Professional office environment. Your firm returned calls and explained the strategy used to resolve my [car accident] case. I would recommend John and his firm.”

Michael C., Yorkville, Illinois.

We located John and his firm online. He was very nice and understanding, and he always made us feel comfortable. John is very good. He knew exactly what he was doing, and I had full confidence in him and his team. I was very pleased with the experience.”

Jeannie D., Montgomery, Illinois.

John, thanks to you and your associates for the excellent result.”

Ralph C., Hanover Park, Illinois.

I located John and his firm after researching personal injury firms on-line. My experience was positive. John and his firm were extremely helpful and guided me in the right direction. I would choose John J. Malm & Associates in the future and would recommend his firm to others.”

R.K., Bolingbrook, Illinois.

John was recommended by our real estate lawyer. I can recommend John and his firm to others. They kept in contact with me about continuing progress in the case. Thanks!”

Eric & Amanda W., Yorkville, Illinois.

Outstanding and caring attorney who will go above and beyond to make certain his clients are well taken care of. I would highly recommend John 100%. I cannot begin to thank you and your staff (Jason, Gloria and Rene’) for everything that you have done for me. I will forever be grateful.”

Marlene O., West Palm Beach, Florida.

John, thank you for all you did for me, especially for the settlement at the pre-trial conference. It was so hard for me to have people make light of all my pain because of a pre-existing condition. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and the Judge believing me.”

– G.G., Naperville, Illinois.

I found John’s firm online. He listened to my case and had a positive approach. Everyone in the office was professional and friendly. A special thank you to Gloria and Jason. Thank you, John. You guys are the best.”

– A.C., Aurora, Illinois.

Your firm kept me informed about everything. You really explained the process and answered all of my questions. Thanks, John.”

– A.J., Aurora, Illinois.

John, Jason and Rene were great. They communicated with me and explained the strategy that was used to resolve my case. I would choose attorney John J. Malm in the future and would recommend his firm to others.”

– S. W., Tempe, Arizona.

Extremely informative. Your firm treated me as an individual, as opposed to just a client.”

– S.P., Lisle, Illinois.

I will forever be grateful for everything that you and your staff have done for me. God Bless!”

– O.M., Aurora, Illinois.

We are extremely satisfied with the work John has done for us. John stayed very determined throughout the entire case. He went beyond our expectations to get done what had to be done.”

– C.P., Elburn, Illinois.

Your firm is very professional, sincere and honest. As a litigator, John is very thorough. He was very helpful prior to my deposition, explaining to me what I can expect with the trial. I would choose John Malm and his law firm in the future, and I would recommend him to others.”

– A.L., Bolingbrook, Illinois.

John is highly intelligent, and a professional as a lawyer. If ever anything would happen to me and I would need a lawyer, I would call John Malm again. Thanks to John and Gloria for the attention and advice in taking care of me in my case. It is with great appreciation that I say this. Thank you and God bless.”

– B.C., Elgin, Illinois.

I located John from a friend. He took the time to help me win my case. I will be coming back if I ever need a lawyer again. You guys were great.”

– T.G., Aurora, Illinois.

John, thank you for resolving our baby’s case. Blessings to you for your kindness.”

– R.S., Des Plaines, Illinois.

Very thorough. I felt like I was always kept in the loop. I especially liked that your firm was so friendly.”

– Shawn P., Aurora, Illinois.

I’ve always been pleased with the outcome of my cases, especially with everything that John and his team does to ensure that his clients are completely satisfied; and as always, I am. Thank you again from the bottom of heart.”

– Marlene O., Aurora, Illinois.

I like that your firm is honest, ethical, trustworthy & caring of my needs. I would choose John Malm and his law firm in the future and would recommend his firm to others.”

– Carolyn M., Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Oh boy, what can I say, John. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessings to you and your team for their hard work and perseverance.”

– M.F., Carol Stream, Illinois.

I was referred to John and his firm, and I recommend him. I deeply want to thank John’s paralegal, Gloria. She was so helpful in every way.”

– B.S., Broadview, Illinois.

I recommend John Malm and his firm. I first located and chose him as my personal injury attorney in 2007. It is the only firm I’ve worked with, it’s my second time coming here for help. Thank you!”

– D.P., North Aurora, Illinois.

Your firm treated me like a special client and not just another accident victim. John is very knowledgable, and he used strategy to achieve my goal of settlement. He was persistent and diligent in his follow-through in handling my car accident case.”

– Nicholas G., Lisle, Illinois.

I just wanted to thank you! I’m happy to hear the amount you were able to obtain in my settlement was even a little higher than what we discussed.”

– T.N., Bolingbrook, Illinois.

John returned calls and explained the strategy that was used to resolve my case. My experience was positive. I recommend John and his firm to others.”

– Andrew M., Minooka, Illinois.

Thank you. You helped us when no one else would. My family and I are very grateful. You were a blessing from God.”

– Teresa L., Plainfield, Illinois.

I am truly blessed to have been referred to John. Without John, my case would have been swept under the carpet. He truly made me feel cared for, protected and comfortable. I never was treated as just another case, and never felt ignored or neglected. I recommend John and his firm to others.”

– Amy G., Elgin, Illinois.

Your firm was professional, personal, respectful and honest. At the settlement mediation, John was level-headed and gave a presence of confidence, but not arrogance. He did a good job of protecting my interest. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate it.”

– Donna C., Wheaton, Illinois.

My experience with your firm was positive. You returned calls timely and communicated with me regarding the status of my case. I would recommend your firm to others.”

– K.J., Elgin, Illinois.

I would choose John Malm and his law firm in the future, and I would recommend his firm to others.”

– Laura E., Naperville, Illinois.

Thank you for all your hard work. We really appreciate all you did.”

– Colleen M., Naperville, Illinois.

I am pleased with the work you have done and your ability to see the issues and sensitivities from the client point of view, while maintaining professionalism. You have demonstrated the character and business ethic that clients need in choosing an attorney. I would recommend John Malm without any reservations.”

– Lenetta B., Lisle, Illinois.

Your firm provided personal service. I would choose Attorney John Malm again.”

– Sharon B., Naperville, Illinois.

You took good care of my case and gave good advice. I got everything settled. Thank you again.”

– J.T., Shorewood, Illinois.

John is the best. I would not want anybody else to handle a case for my family.”

– T.D., Aurora, Illinois.

Very good lawyer.”

– John W., Naperville, Illinois.

client, who was injured due to a slip & fall on an icy parking lot, recently expressed her gratitude toward John and his law firm upon receiving a $250,000 settlement. “He was very professional, and he has a great staff. I would choose John Malm again.”

– Barbara H., Elgin, Illinois.

I want to thank you for your efforts on behalf of the client in bringing resolution to her claim. I am certain she is glad to have received a favorable outcome!”

– Denice Gierach, attorney, Naperville, Illinois.

An elderly client was struck by a car and seriously injured while crossing a Chicago street. Pedestrian accident attorney, John J. Malm, reached a policy limits settlement. The client was grateful to receive such a large recovery –
– despite having suffered severe injuries in the hit-and-run accident. “He was professional, and my experience with him was positive. I would choose him again, and I recommend John to others.”

– M.O., Chicago, Illinois.

Great Job!” A personal injury client, whose car accident case in DuPage County was recently settled, offered her review of Naperville personal injury attorney John Malm and his dedicated his staff. “I especially liked that Mr. Malm’s firm offered me a contact who spoke Spanish and was able to communicate with me. I would recommend his firm to others.”

– Maria C., Naperville, Illinois.

woman who suffered serious injuries after being attacked by two pit bulls was extremely pleased with the result obtained by Naperville personal injury attorney John Malm. The settlement reached in her dog bite case helped her get her life back. “I want to express my gratitude for your help in representing me with my injury case. I thought I would have been left without any support after I was attacked by two pit bulls. I thank you for your expertise and kindness in handling my situation. Everything you did was invaluable to me. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I can now look forward to my future.”

Thank you so much for your professional and effective help. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who would need assistance with any kind of injury representation.”

– B.C., Elgin, Illinois.

client who was injured as a result of an car accident in DuPage County recently expressed his gratitude for the settlement reached in his personal injury case. “Attorney Malm, thank you for representing me and for obtaining the settlement. I will surely recommend your firm to others.”

– R.B., Aurora, Illinois.

After a client was tragically struck by a car while crossing a street, John Malm reached a settlement in the client’s case for the highest possible amount — the limits of all available liability coverage. The client was very pleased. “John was professional, complete and precise. I would use John again, and I highly recommend him.”

– Albert H., Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Attorney John J. Malm was professional. He returned calls to me and explained the strategy used in resolving my case. I recommend John Malm and his law firm.”

– Patricia P., Aurora, Illinois.

Excellent trial attorney.”

– Irena S., Downers Grove, Illinois.

John takes care of his clients. He explained everything thoroughly and calmed my nerves. He is a very nice man.”

– Marilyn M., Naperville, Illinois

What can I say besides thank you for all you did. You handled my car accident case well — with experience, knowledge and patience. You are an absolutely great attorney. You have made it possible for me to start living a normal life again. Thank you again, God Bless,”

– Ellen R., Naperville, Illinois

John–I keep thinking about your direct examination of the defendant. It was terrific. I wish I had it videotaped! I am so glad that your schedule allows you to assist on this case. Despite your late entry into the case, it has been a tremendous assistance. Thanks so much for sharing your brilliance and talent! Great job!”

Cynthia Hayes Hutchins, attorney, Wheaton, Illinois.

A good, honest attorney.”

James M., as published in the Naperville Sun.

I’ve known John for years and, as a transactional attorney, confidently refer all personal injury and commercial litigation matters to him. John has the rare combination of traits that make him a go-to litigator: he genuinely cares about his clients while applying a sharp intellect and keen awareness of substantive and procedural nuance to the party-counsel-court dynamics that make litigation more art than science. That and he get results. “

– Brent E. Ohlmann, attorney, Naperville, Illinois

“Thank you so much, John, and congratulations on your success and hard work.”

– Cindy N., Hoffman Estates, Illinois

“Great Litigator!”

– Henry S., Naperville, Illinois.


John J. Malm’s professional references from clients, opposing counsel and referring attorneys in the community are available upon request.

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