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Dog Attack Attorneys Serving Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and Elgin, Illinois

ohn J. Malm & Associates is a top-rated personal injury law firm in St. Charles, Illinois that holds dog owners responsible for the injuries they cause when a dog suddenly bites and injures an innocent child or unsuspecting adult. The dog bite lawyers at John J. Malm & Associates have extensive experience handling animal attack and dog bite claims in Elgin, St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia and throughout Kane County, Illinois.

iving in the St. Charles community, we know that each of us will encounter dogs in many of the places we visit every day. According to dog ownership statistics, more than one-third of the households in St. Charles are likely to own at least one dog. Even though most dog owners are quite responsible in keeping and controlling their pets, a sudden, unprovoked dog bite can occur at any time. Whether simply walking in the neighborhood or attending a local sports event or social function, we know that a dog bite incident can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, often with serious, disfiguring injuries. We are the trusted personal injury law firm in St. Charles to call for help when you or someone you know has been injured in a dog bite incident.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bites in Kane County, Illinois:

What Law Applies to the Ownership and Control of Dogs and Other Animals in St. Charles, Illinois?

wners of dogs and other animals in St. Charles, Illinois must first observe the requirements of the Animal Control Act. Liability for an animal attack in Kane County, Illinois is governed by the the Animal Control Act, which provides that a person who owns or controls a dog will be strictly liable for any injuries caused by their animal in an unprovoked attack. (For a full discussion of the Animal Control Act, please visit our Illinois Dog Bite Injuries Page).

What Local Ordinances in St. Charles Govern How Dog Owners Must Keep, Control and Restrain Dogs That May Attack and Injure Someone?

ollowing St. Charles, Illinois local laws help ensure that an animal attack will be avoided when a dog encounters a person in public. Almost all dog bites can be prevented if the dog owner would simply follow local rules calling for the animal to be controlled and restrained. Unfortunately, many dog bites that occur in St. Charles are because of a violation of one or more local laws which require animals to be supervised, controlled and restrained on a leash when they are away from the owner’s premises. Under Section 6.12.010 of the City of St. Charles Municipal Code Book, every owner of an animal is required to restrain their animal if taken off of their premises. The St. Charles Municipal Code Book states an animal must be restrained by a leash, chain, or other “appropriate instrument or physical device.” The animal must remain under the direct and immediate supervision of a person if it is taken off the premises. There is a $50.00 penalty for the first offense and additional penalties for each subsequent offense for a violation of these simple rules.

ther ordinances set forth in the Municipal Code of St. Charles help keep us safe by placing limits on how many dogs a resident may own, and restricting the public places where a dog may be brought – even if properly restrained on a leash:

  • Dog ownership limited: Under the Municipal Code of St. Charles, residents may keep no more than three (3) dogs. Section 6.12.160.
  • No dogs allowed on a playground or at a school: Because dog attacks frequently cause injury to children, St. Charles has enacted rules to protect kids on playgrounds and while at school. Regardless of whether a leash is used, no dog may be taken onto a playground or school grounds unless aiding a blind person. Section 6.12.120.
  • No dogs allowed in restaurants or retail stores: As a matter of public policy, St. Charles believes that residents should be free from the risk of a sudden animal attack while shopping at a store or dining in a local restaurant. St. Charles residents are not permitted to bring a dog into a food establishment or store, unless the animal is serving as a certified service dog or comfort animal. Section 6.12.150.

What About a Dangerous or Vicious Animal, Such as a Dog That Has a History of a Previous Violent Attack?

hen a dog has been reported to have previously caused one or more serious bite injuries, the animal may be subject to further scrutiny as a “dangerous” or “vicious” animal. St. Charles imposes heightened restrictions on owners of a dangerous or vicious animal. Under Section 6.12.130 of the City of St. Charles Municipal Code Book, dangerous animals are not permitted in any public place unless muzzled, closely restrained, or caged. Owners of dangerous and vicious animals must also restrain their animals while on their property, so the animal cannot attack persons on the property. Further, owners must maintain improvements on their property, such as fences and gates, in such a manner to prevent children from gaining access to the property where a dangerous encounter might occur.

What Should You Do if Attacked by a Dog in St. Charles?

f you are suddenly attacked by a dog, the City of St. Charles advises you to call 911 immediately. You may call Kane County Animal Control if you are only reporting a lost or found animal. Upon calling 911, an officer will be dispatched to your location. An ambulance may also be sent to your location depending on the severity of your injuries. If your injuries are life-threatening, it is imperative to seek emergency medical care immediately.

St. Charles police officer will quickly arrive on the scene and will assess the situation. The officer will interview both you and the owner of the dog. It is important to provide a complete history of the incident. The investigating police officer will create a police report, which contains important information about your incident. A copy of the police report may be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

fter an animal attack, always prioritize your health and necessary medical treatment. If you have serious injuries, please visit an emergency room, such as Delnor Hospital, Central DuPage Hospital, or Advocate Sherman Hospital. You may choose to visit a local urgent care clinic depending on the severity of your injury. After receiving emergency care, it is recommended you follow up with a physician to assess your injuries. Lacerations and puncture wounds are unfortunately common after dog bite attacks. You should consult with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to fully assess your injuries and consider appropriate medical care.

What is the Kane County Animal Control Department’s Role After a Dog Bite Incident Has Been Reported in St. Charles?

Following the initial report, the investigating St. Charles police officer will report the incident to Animal Control. The animal will be confined with a licensed veterinarian for at least 10 days for observation. The veterinarian must complete a report before the animal is released. In certain situations, there may be a “dangerous” animal proceeding. An administrator or director will collect evidence and decide whether the dog is considered “dangerous”. A dog that is deemed to be “dangerous” will be ordered by the administrator to be muzzled at all times when in public, and the owner may further be ordered to take other appropriate action for the protection of the public. It is recommended that a victim of a dog bite fully cooperate with a “dangerous” dog investigation so that appropriate safeguards will be imposed to prevent a future bite or attack.

What Kinds of Monetary Damages Can You Obtain in a St. Charles, IL Dog Bite Case?

ou may be entitled to the recovery of monetary damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and the loss of a normal life (disfigurement and scarring). In some cases, a claim for emotional injuries may also be brought.

Should You Speak With the Dog Owner’s Insurance Company About a Dog Bite Incident in St. Charles?

n every dog bite case, identifying insurance for the dog owner or premises owner is extremely important. However, it is not advisable to speak directly with the insurance company before consulting with a lawyer. Never authorize or give a recorded statement without counsel. For example, there are little-know legal rules regarding facts that may constitute a defense of “provocation”, and there are complicated insurance rules that may define who was (and was not) “in control” of the animal at the time of the attack, for purposes of establishing or denying coverage for the incident. Sometimes, even an inadvertent remark made in a statement can cause a claim to suddenly be denied. Do not put your dog bite case at risk by speaking with the insurance company.

John J. Malm & Associates is a Team of Local Attorneys Who Handle Dog Bite Cases in St. Charles, Illinois

ontact the top-rated Illinois dog bite lawyers at John J. Malm & Associates right away to obtain a free, no obligation consultation about your dog bite case. We are trusted, local attorneys with a proven record of success in Kane County dog bite litigation. There are critical steps that should be taken right away for you to be successful in your claim. We will help you navigate the legal issues you face after an animal attack, and we will offer you the best strategy to succeed. Our helpful attorneys will explain the legal process and help you receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and disfiguring scars. We will place the responsible person on notice and collect important time-sensitive evidence, such as video footage and photographs. The sooner you contact and speak with our lawyers, the sooner you will have an experienced dog bite lawyer on your side, fighting the insurance company and helping you manage the challenges that arise as a victim of a serious animal attack.

Kane County Dog Bite Lawyers – Recent Case Results

ou will find an extensive list of the settlements our attorneys have obtained in dog attack cases on our Illinois Dog Bite Injuries page. Below are just a few of the recent dog bite settlements our St. Charles dog bite lawyers have obtained for clients here in Kane County.

Violent dog attack settlement in Elgin, IL. An Elgin man was walking his dog in his neighborhood when two dogs escaped a neighbor’s house and violently attacked his dog. The man tried to protect his dog, but, in the process, was violently bit on his arm and fingers. Due to the severity of the attack, the man required surgery on his finger and extensive follow up care. The dogs were declared “dangerous animals” by Kane County Animal Control. The Kane County dog bite lawyers at John J. Malm & Associates filed a lawsuit against the dog owners and ultimately obtained a significant settlement for the victim of the attack.

Labrador dog bite injury settlement for three-year-old in Batavia, IL. A three-year-old girl from Batavia, Illinois visited the house of a friend along with her family. The neighbor had recently adopted a labrador dog with a history of aggressive behavior. As the children were playing in the backyard, the labrador dog approached the 3-year-old and bit her in the face. John J. Malm & Associates was retained by the family of the 3-year-old. A successful settlement was obtained by our St. Charles dog bite lawyers to compensate the child for her personal injuries, including scarring and disfigurement.

Pit-bull terrier attack settlement for seven-year-old. A seven-year-old girl was playing in her front yard with a friend. While outside, a neighbor walked their pit bull toward the location of the girls. The 7-year-old kneeled to pet the pit bull. Sadly, the dog suddenly lunged at the child and bit her on the face. The dog proceeded to bite the child a second time as she tried to run away. Our St. Charles personal injury lawyers successfully obtained a significant monetary settlement for the child to compensate her for the trauma and disfigurement she endured.

Pit-bull attack settlement for seven-year-old in Batavia, IL. A 7-year-old boy from Batavia, Illinois visited a store in Plano, Illinois with his family. While at the store, a dog owner brought his pit bull (an American Staffordshire terrier) into the store and approached the child. The man unwisely encouraged the boy to pet his dog. Suddenly, the dog attacked the child, causing an injury to the child’s face. Our St. Charles dog bite attorneys investigated the attack, brought the claim against the dog owner and obtained a substantial settlement for the family.

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