John J. Malm & Associates Wins $400,000 Settlement for Woman Injured in Violent pit bull Attack

Attorneys of Our FirmIllinois dog bite attorneys John J. Malm and Sara L. Ross recently obtained a $400,000 settlement for the injuries including multiple puncture wounds, suffered by their client, a mother of three, after she was brutally attacked by a pit bull in Sugar Grove, Illinois. The client was walking in her neighborhood with her young daughter when the dog, an aggressive pit bull terrier, suddenly jumped over a backyard fence and charged toward them. The woman instinctively threw herself in front of her daughter to protect the little girl. The pit bull knocked the woman to the ground and began biting her leg, repeatedly.

"You know [the dog] has to be leashed or she'll get out!"
- Dog's owners arguing at the scene

The attack went on for several terrifying moments before the dog's owner, who had just let the animal out a back door, rushed out of the home and eventually restrained the dog. The dog's owner admitted at the scene that the pit bull should not have been let out without a leash, as the dog was known to be able to escape from the yard over the low fence.

Pit bull attack placeThe injured woman was rushed to an emergency room, where she underwent emergency surgery. Due to the infectious nature of the lacerations and deep puncture wounds she sustained to her leg, she experienced complications and underwent additional surgeries to treat and heal her wounds.

Pit bull dogAttorneys John Malm and Sara Ross documented the attack, photographed the woman's injuries and created a day-in-the-life video to demonstrate some of the difficulties their client experienced throughout her medical treatment and recovery. Mr. Malm and Ms. Ross presented a premises liability claim to the owner of the dog, who was insured under a homeowner's policy. A formal settlement demand, demonstrating the nature and extent of the client's injuries, was filed at the conclusion of the client's medical treatment. Mr. Malm and Ms. Ross negotiated a successful settlement on behalf of their client with the homeowner's liability insurance carrier, Farmer's Insurance, avoiding lengthy litigation and a trial.

The violent attack was investigated by local animal control officials and the police department. The dog's owner was issued a citation for failing to restrain the dog, which was declared to be a vicious animal. As a result of the attack, a local city ordinance was adopted to better regulate vicious animals following a violent attack.

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